ANBIMA(Associação Brasileira das Entidades dos Mercados Financeiro e de Capitais)  브라질 금융투자협회


ANBIMA is also the main certifying body for professionals in the financial and capital markets in Brazil. They are offered four exams: CPA-10 , CPA-20 , CEA and CGA. In addition, it is associated senior IBCPF – Brazilian Institute of Financial Professionals Certification, which keeps the CFP certification of financial planning . Staff in Brazil [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

주요 업무 외에 브라질의 금융, 자본 시장 전문가를 인증한다. 4개가 있는데 CPA-10, CPA-20, CEA와 CGA이다. 추가로 상위 관련 자격인 IBCPF (브라질의 금융 전문가 인증 기관, 이 기관에서 CFP 인증을 한다.)


CPA-10 – professionals who sell investment products directly to retail investors
CPA-20 – professionals who sell investment products to accredited investors
CEA – investment products specialists
CGA – portfolio managers
CFP (from IBCPF) – distinction for personal financial planners